1. poster design for Bandit and the Ram a documentary film by Alberto Iordanov about a real life bandit, he even has the moustache to prove his credentials. Its a brilliant film and you can read/see more about it here . It will be shown at the Edinburgh College of Art Masters degree show this year! 

  2. I started an Instagram for fashion decisions and amateur craftings unrelated to cartoons over here @pancakeface22 here is a huge pink furry wrist 

  3. Reading a weird and great book The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien and this sentence made me laugh (in the head) because it was so strange in the book. Here I’ve imagined a box that I would think is beautiful and so badly made but that’s personal taste in boxes .

  4. the printers did one of my orders on the womens instead of mens so I got a free t-shirt for myself! here is what the womens tshirts look like because i have no photos of them yet, thanks to people who have bought them if you send me a picture of you wearing it I would love it so much :) 

  5. characters dealin with life from my sketchbook

  6. I scanned in some sketchbooks from 2012-2013 today, these are the covers, some stuff I found in the pockets at the back and the final picture is some inside spreads from them both.
    On the top spread I found Ned an old guy who came into a pub I was in with my dad after a walk in the mountains, he was trying to set up a debating society in the pub on a Sunday evening but the landlady said no-one wanted to listen to him ranting on a Sunday evening. I don’t think he really listened to her from what I can read it sounds like he took off his overalls and started chatting about fire, brimstone and drinking and fornication. 

  7. my Second Ever t-shirt customer Oli styling out his garment in a seductive pose. These t-shirts can be worn in a variety of poses, they will be available to order online soon if you like being a high fashion diva you must buy one !

  8. launched Edinburgh Strange Birds website at last nights degree show business view, click the picture to explore :) takes a second or two to load, only works in Google Chrome at the moment.

    + I have to credit my brother Fergus Cullen for coding this baby for me but he’s sunning it in California and I’m too nervous to edit the website alone to this will do for now, big thanks to Ferg + 

  9. school disco DJ Papa Mashy upsets his fave groupie (school librarian Josephine Pencils) with a crude joke at last nights staff party. OOPS! 

    Papa MAshy will hopefully make his modelling debut wearing one of my t-shirts in the ECA degree show this opening this weekend! Sidenote: the black shadow is his silky smooth and abundant chest hair. 

  10. an important lesson for only the ~most skilled~